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Who Sells on Aggrigator:

   Small and Medium Farmers, CSAs, Food Cooperatives

Connecting Small Farmers to Big Markets


Earn More by Eliminating Middlemen

As a small farmer you traditionally access chefs, restaurants, schools, and grocers through distributors or other middlemen.  It is a great business, but you lose 40% or more to these middlemen.  With Aggrigator, you sell direct to these customers. This means you earn more.  They buy from you, know your profile, and experience the freshness you deliver.

Align Crop Plan to Cut Waste and Increase Profits

Deciding what to plant and when to plant can be difficult.  When you enter your crop plan into Aggrigator, it will create a better crop plan process.  Buyers can help you identify opportunities and they can order based on your plan.  You will be able to rest assured because you aren't relying on unpredictable daily buys to sell your produce.  The end result will be more of your product being sold rather than wasted as well as higher profits.