Case Study

AGGRIGATE ME ! An Aggrigator Case Study, by Florian Egli, Mercator Fellowship on International Affair

Mercator Fellow in International Affairs takes a serious look at Aggrigator.

"Many viewpoints – economic, social, cultural, environmental – converge to the conclusion that smallholder farming should be sustained where it still exists and reinforced where it is in decline. Public policy and development aid may be factors to push smallholder farming, but a new marketplace needs to emerge in order to make it a sustainable business, able to compete with large-scale industrial farming, in the future. Aggrigator makes this proposition with a tool that connects the small grower to access bigger markets, allowing the grower to surpass the bottleneck broker, to pool resources and to farm more efficiently thanks to IT support. The buyer on the other hand benefits from a reliable supply of a wide range of fresh local produce from one point of sale without the expense and hassle of managing many relationships from multiple suppliers."