Aggrigator™ Launches Farm to School Program in Alliance with CAFF and the UFVPP

Aggrigator™ Launches Farm to School Program in Alliance with CAFF and the UFVPP

SALINAS, Calif., Feb. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Aggrigator™ announces the launch of the Aggrigator Farm to School program. Aggrigator has also been approved as a vendor for the USDA Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables Pilot Program (UFVPP). Through the ALBA Organics food hub, Aggrigator will bring the volume and consistency needed to supply California public school districts allowing them to buy from multiple small farmers at a single contact point and buy a variety of local fruits and vegetables through the Aggrigator Marketplace.

"The Aggrigator Farm to School program is an opportunity for Aggrigator to make the link between local food, culture, health, and environment," said Doug Peterson, President of Aggrigator, "We are excited to work with organizations like the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and UFVPP to accelerate the adoption of our services by the school districts."

Aggregated marketplace for farmers, buyers of produce

Aggregated marketplace for farmers, buyers of produce

Aggrigator, Salinas, Calif., launched Farm to Shelf Marketplace, what is said to be the first “aggregated marketplace” for small farmers to sell direct to restaurants, schools, grocery stores and other commercial buyers of fresh produce.

Aggrigator's core marketplace technology is built on aggregating small local farmers, so commercial buyers can get the volume and consistency of local supply of fruits and vegetables from a single source. This allows for the convenience of online ordering with the freshness of local produce.

When it comes to innovators, Aggrigator scores

TOM LEYDE6:10 p.m. PT Feb. 7, 2017


Small Salinas Valley farmers are selling more of their crops at higher prices, thanks to a startup e-commerce company called Aggrigator.

Through its food hub and a user-friendly website for both sellers and buyers, the company is creating a farm-to-shelf model that can be used around the world.

In December, Aggrigator reached a major milestone when it partnered with Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association in Salinas. ALBA, which trains small farmers, faced a funding shortfall for its ALBA Organics food hub. So it agreed to turn management of the hub over to Aggrigator. The move gave Aggrigator a base to advance its goals.

The company is the brainchild of co-founder Gerard Rago. Rago came up with the idea in an entrepreneur lab at Stanford University while doing a fellowship.

“He has a history of startups and entrepreneurships and a heart for helping people,” said Karen Marie Feliz, Aggrigator’s vice president of supply and economic systems.

Rego, she said, had done something similar in India and wanted to give small U.S. farmers a larger voice in the fresh produce marketplace. He wrote a thesis based on the idea of an online marketplace to sell and buy fresh produce and found private investors to help fund it.


Aggrigator Marketplace To Power ALBA Organics Food Hub

SALINAS, Calif.Dec. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -

-  Aggrigator™ announced the agreement to partner with and operate ALBA Organics, in the Salinas valley. This partnership will connect small farmers to restaurants and groceries through the Aggrigator Farm to Shelf Marketplace. The partnership will enable small farmers to connect directly with consumers of fresh produce. It will also give them access to the tools and technology of large distributors allowing them to better manage on-line order processing, inventory flow, transportation, and delivery. 

The ALBA Organics food hub will be a standard for Aggrigator in how to operate food hubs and build better connections for other food hubs to emulate. It will also serve to connect new farmers and food hubs in the region to the Aggrigator marketplace.


Aggrigator is a B2B "farm-to-shelf" marketplace:  Our technology provides a platform for both the buyers and sellers of fresh produce to access markets across the entire fresh produce transactional pipeline. We bring participants in so they are able to buy, sell, and fulfill transactions together to create viable economies of scale and create a fresh produce supply chain capable of servicing large demand markets. Learn more at


ALBA (Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association) generates opportunities for farm workers and limited-resource farmers to grow and sell crops from two organic farms in Monterey County. ALBA aims to contribute through 1) human resources; 2) growing marketing alternatives for small-scale farmers; and 3) the enhancement of biological diversity and protection of natural resources. Learn more at

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AGGRIGATE ME ! An Aggrigator Case Study, by Florian Egli, Mercator Fellowship on International Affair

Mercator Fellow in International Affairs takes a serious look at Aggrigator.

"Many viewpoints – economic, social, cultural, environmental – converge to the conclusion that smallholder farming should be sustained where it still exists and reinforced where it is in decline. Public policy and development aid may be factors to push smallholder farming, but a new marketplace needs to emerge in order to make it a sustainable business, able to compete with large-scale industrial farming, in the future. Aggrigator makes this proposition with a tool that connects the small grower to access bigger markets, allowing the grower to surpass the bottleneck broker, to pool resources and to farm more efficiently thanks to IT support. The buyer on the other hand benefits from a reliable supply of a wide range of fresh local produce from one point of sale without the expense and hassle of managing many relationships from multiple suppliers."

Aggrigator signs on leading Organic Fresh Produce supplier, Duncan Family Farms, to e-commerce.

SALINAS, Calif., Aug. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Aggrigator™ signed Duncan Family Farms to its fresh produce B2B e-commerce marketplace today. The Arizona-based certified-organic producer is among the top three producers of certified-organic salads and fresh produce in the United States.

"Aggrigator is working to connect the fragmented world of fresh produce supply and demand for businesses with e-commerce. We are excited to sign leaders like Duncan Family Farms to our e-commerce marketplace, creating value for buyers and suppliers alike. The benefits of quality and scale that Duncan Family Farms provides, leveraged via the e-commerce marketplace will be a win-win for both companies, as we bring our unique demand-supply-fulfillment model to the local ecosystem," said Gerard Rego, Aggrigator's cofounder & CEO.

Aggrigator's B2B e-commerce marketplace for fresh produce is the next step in aggregating demand-supply and fulfillment not just for Duncan Family Farms but also for the whole agriculture industry.

"Duncan Family Farms' roots are to add value by providing produce that is organically grown, with the best processes and quality, enabling us to fulfill our mission of providing healthy food, making a strong contribution to the environment and giving back to the community," said Will Feliz, President of Duncan Family Farms. "The Aggrigator marketplace technology and business model enable us to access markets and expand our supply chain footprint to keep pace with growth, while reducing friction in the market for everyone."

Aggrigator is a B2B "farm-to-shelf" marketplace:  Our technology provides a platform for the buyers and sellers of fresh produce to access markets across the entire fresh produce transactional pipeline. We bring participants in food buy/sell/fulfill transactions together to create viable economies of scale and a fresh produce supply chain capable of servicing large demand markets. Learn more at  

Duncan Family Farms is a multi-regional certified organic farm founded in 1985 on the premise of bridging the gap between urban and rural life through agricultural tourism. Today Duncan Family Farms has multi-regional operations located in Central Arizona, the Imperial Valley, on the Central Coast and its inland valleys in California. The geographic diversity of these organically certified growing locations positions Duncan Family Farms as one of the leading organic growers in the United States. Learn more at


Aggrigator features as one of "77 Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness"


The CB Insights group used their data to identify 77 private companies in agriculture tech and categorised them into seven main categories.

Aggrigator distinguishes itself amongst those companies listed as marketplaces, "we are the only company out there doing B2B for fresh produce orders and fulfilment that can enable buyers to get large orders, whilst maintaining a supply base of small farmers", says Dr Benjamin Warr, Co-Founder and CSO. While we support local small farmers our approach is not based on fixed collection times, CSA boxes or home delivery. "Our objective is very definitely to be a true marketplace where buyers and sellers interact and exchange in the simplest manner, facilitated by seamless m-commerce functionality and powerful analytics".

The startups amongst which Aggrigator is listed address a variety of key problems facing the agriculture industry and provide provide a range of services, new technologies, insights, new ways of farming, and more.

CB Insights defined agriculture tech as technology increasing the efficiency of farms, in the form of software, sensors, aerial-based data, internet-based distribution channels (marketplaces), and tools for technology-enabled farming that doesn’t require the traditional setting and inputs.

Aggrigator at the Product Marketing Associations (PMA) July Monterey Conference

The PMA brought together over 1,800 people from the fresh produce industry, including 600 buyers from across the supply chain at this only event focused on fresh produce in foodservice.

The Aggrigator VP Team, led by Travis Pendleton and Karen-Marie Feliz were there to present Aggrigator and to introduce potential new partners to the benefits that our aggregated marketplace for local fresh produce supply brings to buyers, sellers and value chain partners.

The Produce Marketing Association is a trade organization representing companies from every segment of the global fresh produce and floral supply chain. PMA helps members grow by providing connections that expand business opportunities and increase sales and consumption

Travis Pendleton at the PMA 2016 for Aggrigator

Financial Leader, Pramod Kabra joins Aggrigator's Board of Directors

SALINAS, Calif., Aug. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Aggrigator™ today announced that Pramod Kabra was elected to the Aggrigator's board of directors


Pramod is an angel investor in Aggrigator's mission as the world's first aggregated marketplace platform. "As a team we look forward to benefiting from Pramod's deep expertise in supplychain, financial services, logistics and organization leadership. Pramod will be working with the leadership team; investors and board of directors to set the foundation for Aggrigator's business in enabling ecommerce in the general produce space," said Gerard Rego, Aggrigator's cofounder & CEO. "We are excited to have Pramod on the team as we scale the next phase of our growth said Dr. Benjamin Warr, Cofounder & CSO.

"Aggrigator is in a space that is highly fragmented with a very long tail in the hundreds of billions of dollars in the United States, but also with the same dynamics in India, China, Africa, Europe and the South America. The food economy is critical industry that impacts everyone's daily lives. Technology, analytics and the ability to connect multi-sided markets is where the time has come with the opportunity to enable demand supply and fulfillment while removing friction in the transaction," said Pramod Kabra.

Pramod Kabra serves as a Partner at India Value Fund Advisors Private Ltd., where he is responsible for creating and working with the portfolio of IVFA investee companies that span cable and ISP services, logistics, transportation, media, FMCG, financial services, microfinance and radio taxi services. Prior to joining IVFA in 2007, Pramod spent 23 years with Unilever across multiple roles in finance, M&A, Supplychain and held various leadership positions including that of head of treasury for Asia and Africa region and Board member of the Global Home Care Category Team. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Aggrigator is a B2B "farm-to-shelf" marketplace:  Our technology provides a platform for the buyers and sellers of fresh produce to access markets across the entire fresh produce transactional pipeline. We bring participants in food buy/sell/fulfill transactions together to create viable economies of scale and a fresh produce supply chain capable of servicing large demand markets. To learn more please visit our website.