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Who Buys on Aggrigator:

   Chefs, Restaurateurs, Grocers, Schools, Hospitals, Food Clubs, Corporate Cafes


We have a love for local farmers

Local = 150 miles in season

Local = 150 miles in season

Reduce Food Miles by 90%

How far does your food travel?  The average today is 1500 miles!  Aggrigator brings you local produce direct from small farmers.  This means fresher produce, fewer food miles, and support of the small farmers in your community.  

Local means 150 miles for produce in season.

A 90% reduction and you can taste the difference.  

Freshness of Local at Price of National Distributors

Getting fresh local or organic produce doesn't mean you have to pay more!  By aggregating farmers and buyers to buy direct, the prices are equivalent to traditional produce from big warehouses and it's not picked early and shipped long distances before it reaches your shelf.

Convenience of Online ordering, tracking, and Just in Time delivery

Order local produce from your phone, tablet, or computer.  Orders placed online are delivered next day, or you can place future orders for an even greater discount.  The Aggrigator marketplace will organize all the certifications, transportation, tracking, and invoicing into a single point of online access.