Aggregated Markets are the heart of our innovation and they:

·        Provide better value

·        Increase profitability

·        Foster inclusion

·        Decrease risk

Aggregation brings together small farmers and buyers to achieve economies of scale, create market signal, and provide access to adjacencies in order to reduce friction with other third party ecosystem partner marketplace such as financial services.  As one of the most important frameworks for powering small farming, aggregation in agriculture has the potential to empower local agricultural communities across global markets in developed economies as well as emerging economies such as India, Africa, South America and China.  


Friction in the system today: Today the $700B food service, food brokerage, food processor, and end user market is looking for a network orchestrator to reduce the current friction in the system. The target market suffers from extreme fragmentation leading to poor discovery, weak predictability, and high volatility impacting the bottom-line impact and enhancing risks. These industry characteristics negatively impact farmers midstream and buyers downstream.

As network orchestrator, the Aggrigator team comes with a vast interdisciplinary background at scale in supply chains, produce, algorithms, data sciences, economics, and design thinking to create an aggregated farm-to-shelf marketplace, which will connect an offline ecosystem. 


Our business model: We are a farm-to-shelf marketplace, designed to enable farmers, buyers, fleet owners —of any size — food hubs, and service providers to access markets across the entire fresh produce value chain. We bring together isolated, fragmented participants in order to create viable economies of scale and a fresh produce supply chain capable of servicing large demand markets. This is accomplished thought a network effect.

For commercial and institutional buyers, procurement processes via the network effect of the Aggrigator platform can now be efficiently routed through an online marketplace, which facilitates and simplifies the discovery of high quality fresh produce, and creates value for all stakeholders. The farmers we work with have a unique opportunity to access and participate directly with these large demand markets giving them predictable markets and fast payment mechanisms through the workflow, tools, and processes which provide for spot, futures and annuity contracts, traceability, trackability, and risk mitigation including insurance and financial services.