Former GE veteran, Analytics and BPO pioneer Pramod Bhasin joins Aggrigator's Board of Directors.

SALINAS, Calif., Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Aggrigator™ today announced that Pramod Bhasin was elected to the Aggrigator's board of directors.

Pramod is an angel investor in Aggrigator's mission as the world's first aggregated marketplace platform. "We look forward to Pramod's bold leadership in enabling create the foundation for strong governance, organization building experience and his vision to create and transform whole industries as he did with the BPO and analytics industry he created". In addition, this is where we move from our Series Seed1 to our Series A round and start what is our next phase of growth as a startup and Pramod's leadership for the future is most critical where analytics, insight and technology will add value off-line to the fresh produce industry and $700B food economy", said Gerard Rego, Aggrigator's cofounder & CEO.

"I share Aggrigator's mission to connect aggregated markets to small farmers globally. The ability of true aggregation has the potential to truly transform the agriculture and general produce space by aggregating demand-supply and fulfillment for such a critical industry where technology, analytics and marketplaces are the key to solving the challenge of fragmentation", said Pramod Bhasin.

Pramod Bhasin a former GE executive currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of GENPACT and the founder of the Business Process Management industry in India that employs millions of professionals. Prior to GENPACT Pramod as an GE veteran for over 25 years in markets that spanned US, Europe andAsia, before taking over as head of GE Capital India where he created and lead pioneering initiatives and JVs in the market. Pramod is a Chartered Accountant from Thomson McLintock & Co., London and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Delhi University.

Aggrigator is a B2B "farm-to-shelf" marketplace:  Our technology provides a platform for the buyers and sellers of fresh produce to access markets across the entire fresh produce transactional pipeline. We bring participants in food buy/sell/fulfill transactions together to create viable economies of scale and a fresh produce supply chain capable of servicing large demand markets. To learn more please visit our website.

Two pioneering international technology minds lead Aggrigator's innovation?


Dr. Benjamin Warr is a cofounder at Aggrigator and Dr. Shankar Subramaniam is the Chief Data Scientist. What do these two brilliant minds do at Aggrigator?

Ben is a leading passionate mind in agricultural & geospatial technologies, sustainability, impact economics and even created the pioneering work, "The Economic Growth Engine: How energy and work drive material prosperity", while at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

Shankar, is a another passionate brilliant mind, with a PhD in mechanical engineering and a post doctorate from MIT. His work has lead to multiple patents in enabling lowering engineering lifecycle in aircraft engine design then applied innovative methods of aerodynamic analysis that enabled the creation as member of team one of the first 15,000 rpm hard disk drive that we all use in our computers (the combined work that lead to 5 patents) and whose innovative work in financial computational mathematical modeling & algorithms, which lead to managing risk in a multibillion dollar insurance major.

So what do these wonderful passionate, humble and incredibly brilliant interdisciplinary minds do at Aggrigator? Their mission and 24 x 7 mindshare;

Their mission is to algorithmize the business creating tools, workflow and analytics that lead to optimized "Aggregation" in real-time by creating;

i. Greater access to markets for farmers (Think Alibaba)

ii. Greater access to predictable, traceable, visible and lower costs of doing business for buyers (Think Alibaba)

iii. Optimized Fulfillment, via on-time, low wastage, highly optimized distribution (Think FEDEX/UPS, but with an Uber business model)

iv. Creating analytics that lead to higher supply discovery, higher buyer discovery, optimized fulfillment, while reducing risks & enhancing traceability & trackability, reducing friction in the market, creating a $$$ bottom-line impact for all.

Stay tuned folks and watch their interviews coming up shortly on their work.

Hacking small farmer supplychains. The next disruption in eCommerce. Alibaba meets Uber!

Is “hacking smallholder supplychains, next commerce disruption”? Common sense says yes. The Analytics says where and how to do it. These headlines just confirm it.

Big Retail to hyperlocal business models are not working as thought and smallholder farmers are a $450B opportunity, but how to connect demand-supply is the next big question. This is where business model innovation where network orchestrators that combine online algorithms and analytics with off-line Brick & Mortar (BAM) networks of farming supplychains enabling direct access to markets and fulfillment. This innovation will create incredible effeciencies, while capturing tremendous value for all stakeholders. Think Alibaba meets Uber!