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Expected harvest date
Expected harvest date
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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Program is part of the USDA's food safety compliance. More details can be found at
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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are the basic principles of operation a food processor should follow to produce a consistent, quality food product.
Farmers with MBE designations can sell go government and military buyers.
Are you a veteran owned business 51% or greater?
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Getting listed with Blue Book Services, the leading provider of credit and business data for the produce industry since 1901, is a useful step toward increasing your sales, name recognition and credibility within the industry.
Your DUNS number gives you the ability to sell to government and military buyers.
Who Needs a PACA License In general, any person who buys or sells more than 2,000 pounds of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables in any given day is required to be licensed under the PACA. Wholesalers, processors, truckers, grocery wholesalers, and food service firms fit into this category.

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