eCommerce for:

Food Hubs, Coolers, Food Processors, Cross Docks

Large Distributor eCommerce Built for Small Hubs

eCommerce for Fresh Produce

Building the eCommerce infrastructure including ordering, inventory management, transportation, and invoicing can be expensive, but is necessary to compete in today's market.  Aggrigator is a new paradigm in Farm to Shelf Marketplaces that goes beyond the online buying and selling of produce.  Aggrigator also delivers the tools to efficiently manage a small food hub.  This includes everything from crop planning, inventory forecasting, inventory aging, tracing, delivery route optimization, invoicing, and analytics, all built for the small to medium farm and food hub.  Allowing you to be in control and confident that you are delivering the freshest produce every day.

Increase Inventory Flow Leading to Increased Profits

A big part of increasing sales includes knowing what inventory you have coming, having real-time tracking of what inventory you have on hand, and being able to trace the inventory from receiving to delivery.   Aggrigator will allow you as a food hub to more effectively manage your inventory and optimize your resource utilization throughout the process.  The analytics will also tell you where you are running below capacity so you can focus your attention on improving your resources and optimizing your profits.

Cut Waste in Half

According to a recent study, over 6 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables across the US goes to waste every year.  That’s over 40%.  This waste impacts both the farmers and the food hubs who take those losses daily. 

Aggrigator helps reduce this waste through two key steps.  

·       It allows you to know what produce is coming vs what produce customers want and align the crop plans of your farmers to the demand.  

·       It tracks the inventory aging to help you move boxes long before they expire.