Aggrigator - we’re a Stanford University-incubated company building the world’s first digital "aggregated marketplace" for the sellers and buyers of fresh local food. We empower small farmers — giving them access to bigger markets, enabling them to grow their businesses — selling directly to a wide range of commercial buyers — grocers, restaurants and institutions. The platform also provides small farmers with the services they need — financing, transportation, logistical support — to meet demand in the world's most important markets.

With a unique team of experts in supply chain, big data, and behavioral sciences — and with a process called “aggregate farming,” which makes it possible for small farmers to sell to more buyers by pooling their bids — Aggrigator is poised to evolve the trillion-dollar market for locally-sourced food which increasingly is playing a role in feeding our planet.


For sellers:  We enable small farmers to leverage the power of our aggregation platform to access to bigger markets, get greater price discovery, and connect to services they need to scale their business (financing, transportation, logistical support).  


For buyers:  Aggrigator enables buyers -- grocers, restaurants, and institutions -- to augment their ability to buy fresh and competitively priced food from local farmers by aggregating bids, creating the best matches, then providing transportation services to ensure timely delivery.


For local food exchanges:  Aggrigator enables local food exchanges -- emerging ecosystems of buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders -- to evolve their operations for 21st century commerce by providing everyone with the tools they need to buy and sell more efficiently.